KDS is a registered training provider focused on skills development and training programmes that equip people to access work opportunities across all industry sectors. The training programmes offered by KDS are aligned with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and accredited with various Sector Education Training Authorities (SETAS).


Legal structure


  • The company was formed as a proprietary limited private company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008) of the Republic of South Africa.
  • KDS’ has an advisory board currently comprising of young and dynamic women who provide independent advice and support to aid management and directors in the performance of their roles.

Vision Statement


Our vision is to eradicate the national deficiency of unskilled labour by providing Skills development and training programmes aimed at enhancing community development within the various localities.


Mission Statement


To provide high-quality professional training, education and skills development courses through contemporary methods that create fulfilling careers for South Africans.


Corporate values


The following are a set of the company's values to assist its employees in achieving their goals as well as the company's. They are the essence of the company's identity and summarises the purpose of its existence.


  • Sociable - we are willing to talk and engage in activities with other people, involving and encouraging friendliness or pleasant companionship with the company's key stakeholders

  • Professionalism - the company's attendance at meetings is consistent and timely, we are accountable, willing to go the extra mile, communicate respectfully to everyone, stay calm and focused even in the most difficult situations, we don't gossip, and are great communicators, we use good judgment and appear neat, smart and formal.

  • Reliability - we are dependable in performing job-related tasks, finishing assigned projects, meeting deadlines and appointments.

  • Safety - we are advocates for the right of every employee, to carry out his or her daily work in a safe environment.

  • Service excellence - We exceed our clients' expectations, comply with and anticipate their needs, exceeding service standards, being accommodative, flexible and experts at service knowledge, focusing on the purpose to achieve customer loyalty.


The Team


Our people are the most valuable and key intangible asset for our company. In today’s dynamic and continuously changing business world, it is the human assets and not the fixed or tangible assets that differentiate an organization from its competitors. Therefore, the company’s knowledge economy distinguishes itself from its competitors through our single most important and powerful factor that is our people.


Area of Operation


KDS’ has successfully established a national footprint over its years existence. We are currently in negotiations with potential stakeholders in Namibia to establish a presence in that country. This has given KDS the confidence to venture into other SADC countries in the short term and into Africa in the longer term. KDS offers its programmes at its main campus and at other venues as stipulated from time to time and accordingly with specific programmes.


Service Descriptions


KDS' main service is the delivery of education, training and skills development programmes. The services are unique in that the company's facilitators, assessors and moderators have the relevant knowledge and experience, skills, attitude and   behaviour commensurate with professional skills development practitioners.Our training programmes include Learnerships and Skills Development Programmes that are credit and non-credits bearing.




Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)

KDS obtained full accreditation with the transport education and training authority (TETA) for full qualifications for Five following Qualifications

Accreditation Number: TETA18-1052


Education, Training and Development Practices Sectorial Education and Training Authority (ETDP-SETA)

The company also obtained accreditation with the Education, Training and Development Practices Sectorial Education and Training Authority (ETDP-SETA) with learning programme approval for four (4) qualifications:

Accreditation Number: EDTPS011114


Agricultural Sectorial Education and Training Authority (AGRI-SETA)

The Agricultural Sectorial Education and Training Authority (AGRI-SETA) awarded KDS with programme approval as a secondary education and training service provider in agriculture in 19 full Qualifications


Media Information and  Communication Technologies SETA (MICTSETA)

KDS also extend its scope with Media Information and  Communication Technologies SETA and was awarded programme approval as a secondary education and training service provider for full Qualifications in End user computing and information technology technical support